Questions about how to schedule an appointment through Doctena and your account

Go to our homepage, and launch your search, by selecting the type of specialist you would like to see. You need to enter the location of where you want to see the doctor and you can refine your search by your desired spoken language. We will then show you a number of doctors, which might meet your requirements.

You can then view those doctors’ availabilities, along with additional details such as their education, spoken languages etc. Just choose your visit reason out of the doctor’s list, then the appointment time of your preference and follow the short prompts to book the appointment you have just selected.
Sure, that’s no problem at all! Actually, it is something that many users do (e.g. parents for their children). When following the booking process, you will be asked to choose whether it is you or someone else who will see the practitioner. Just enter the other patient’s details and continue with the booking process. The booking will then be in the other person’s name.
Usually, bookings are automatically confirmed by your practice. To ensure that you know what the appointment’s status is, you will be notified by email. You can also see the status in your account on Doctena.

Some doctors review each booking request individually. This means, that your booking request will be pending until they have done so. It usually does not take longer than a day. You will then be notified that your booking is confirmed.
Sometimes, a doctor has a last-minute emergency. Doctena will then send you as soon as possible a cancellation email by default and normally the doctor's practice will call you. In the rare case of a cancellation, you can obviously use Doctena again in order to schedule a new appointment.
Of course! Just visit your profile, click on appointments, hit ‘cancel’ or ‘reschedule’ and follow the instructions. Just be aware that there may be a deadline after which you cannot cancel your appointment online anymore (indicated in the email you received to confirm your appointment). In this case, you might need to call the practice.
We are making it easy for everybody to book an appointment with their practitioners. Since appointments that are made by medical reps are processed differently, we need them to indicate their profession.
In this case, you can log into your account and sponsor your practitioner. After you filled out and submitted the form, we will get in touch with your requested doctor to inform him that you would like to see him/her on Doctena. With some luck, you will be able to book online with him/her soon.
Yes, absolutely. In order to so, please first register your account and indicate that you are a medical representative. If done so, you can search for the doctor you want to meet and check if he or she is offering “medical representative” as a visit reason. If yes, just book your appointment.

Questions about Doctena

Doctena is there to help you find doctors, dentists and other practitioners to instantly book appointments without having to call them. You can book your appointment directly online through the Doctena website or the Doctena apps. The service is free for patients.
No, not at all. Here at Doctena, we do not offer medical services of any kind. We're just a group of people who are passionate about helping you to quickly and efficiently receive the great healthcare you deserve.
Yes! Using the Doctena service to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider is 100% free. Please note, that our service is completely separate from any costs associated with your visit of the healthcare provider.
No, but we are working hard on that. We strive to continually add providers to our platform, in order to offer you the best possible service. The providers you can currently make appointments with, are those who have passed our requirements and have chosen to partner with us.
At Doctena, we always have your data’s safety in mind and work hard to ensure it at all times. In order to continually earn your trust, we transfer your data in HTTPS, encrypt your data on our servers, are regularly being audited and make sure our features help you to be safe. For instance, we help you choose a safe password so your account stays protected from hackers.

Questions about online payment

Yes, you will be able to download a receipt from your Doctena Patient account after the doctor has collected your money. If the doctor attached an invoice, you will also be able to download it from there.
The doctor will usually collect the money after the consultation has taken place, or in the few days following the consultation. Once the doctor has initiated the collection of the amount, your credit card (or other payment method) will be debited and the money will be sent to the doctor automatically.
If there is an issue with your payment, you should first contact your doctor to explore the issue with him. If you believe there is a technical error, or need further assistance for another reason, please contact your Doctena support.
Yes! Doctena uses Stripe as their online payment processor. Stripe is one of the market leaders in handling online payments, and ensures the highest levels possible in terms of security and fraud prevention. Doctena never stores any credit card details or financial information from patients or doctors.
For the moment, you can pay using your credit card (VISA, Mastercard). Doctena might extend the payment options in the future (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
No, there are no hidden transaction fees. The doctor decides which amount you need to pay for the consultation. The amount displayed when you book the appointment is an indication of the price, and that price might be adapted by the doctor according to his applicable pricing rules.
Please reach out to your doctor for these matters. Doctena is only the technical payment provider and we do not have influence on the actual amount collected by the doctor.
Doctena doesn’t influence the reimbursement policies. Please reach out to your doctor to inquire about reimbursements.
For now, you need to have a valid credit card to book paying appointments online.
Inside your patient account, all appointments that you booked online, and paid online, are accessible. For each appointment that you paid online, you can download a receipt and optionally the doctor’s invoice if they provided one.
For the moment, payments don’t work on our mobile apps, and you need to book online paid appointments via our patient portal website.
The first thing to do is to contact your doctor and inquire with him. If you still need assistance, please reach out to Doctena support.
Yes, you can still book any kind of appointment on Doctena which does not require online payment. However, for specific consultations where the doctor activated online payments, you can not book an appointment without providing a means of payment.